Times Union: Protect state consumers’ personal data with a ‘no’ vote

By Tim Sparapani

“We live in a world where nearly every “thing” soon will be connected to the Internet, thus virtually connecting to each other and to us. The aptly named “Internet of Things” holds tremendous promise.

For Consolidated Edison in New York City, the IoT means the ability to connect more than 4 million electricity and gas customers to a smart grid and support New York’s efforts to cut carbon emissions by 80 percent in the next 32 years. In the Capital Region, the town of Clifton Park has installed 14,000 smart meters as part of the state’s energy efficiency program. For the city of Buffalo, a “smart” recycling tote that has sensors attached to the underside of its lid can send data over a wireless network so that refuse collectors can monitor when the tote is full to improve the efficiency of recycling routes.”

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