Security, Privacy and Safety First

We need a thoughtful connected devices policy at the federal and state levels that strike a balance between allowing consumers to repair their devices and protecting our collective privacy and security. Simply enabling anyone to open up these devices for repair and changes cannot be the solution. Instead, we must ensure that consumers and others have plentiful options to repair their products in a way that doesn’t compromise the broader security of our digital networks. In the last year, we have seen the risks, such as remote takeover of Jeep, that can occur if our devices are not secure.

A thoughtful connected products policy should ensure the following principles:

  • Product owners should continue to have multiple options to repair their products.
  • Changes to a product should not compromise the privacy, security and physical safety of individuals and businesses.
  • The public disclosure of information about product alterations should be weighed against the public interest of choice, consumer security, privacy and intellectual property protection.
  • When products are altered in an unauthorized way, the responsibility for those alterations is held by the owner and entity that made the alterations.