Security in a Connected World Connected devices, objects and products are critical to our daily lives. But that integration poses new security and privacy challenges. The health of our financial system, our collective privacy and our economy are intertwined with how we approach the security of this integrated system. LEARN MORE

88% of American consumers believe cybersecurity should be a national priority.

37% of adults are at ‘serious risk’ of being hacked through their IoT devices [BullGuard]

77% of consumers have contact and other personal information on family, friends and co-workers on their smartphones.

1 in 4 consumers have passwords saved in a file or app on their smartphones/computers.

Digital Insecurity: As Billions of Products Connect to the Internet, Concerned Americans Prioritize Security and Privacy When Getting Them Repaired, Study Finds

Only a Third of Americans Confident That a Hacked Device Wouldn’t  Expose Family, Friends and Colleague to Harm.

59 percent of consumers fear that one of their Internet-connected products could be used by a hacker as part of a cyber attack.

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